RCBO - 20A - 30mA, 10kA

Mã sản phẩm: 09933125
  • Residual current operated circuit-breaker with integral overcurrent protection, one-pole+N, 20 A, 0,03 A, C-characteristic, Type AC
  • Rated voltage (AC): 230V
  • Rated Current (AC): 20A
  • Rated residual current IΔn: 0.03A
  • Number of poles: 1+N
  • Rated short-circuit current: 10kA
  • Datasheet
Giá bán lẻ đề xuất: 2.013.200₫


Residual current operated circuit-breaker with integral overcurrent protection, one-pole+N, 20 A, 0,03 A, C-characteristic, Type AC


RCBOs combine residual current and miniature circuit-breakers in a single device (RCBO). They protect people against residual currents and systems against short-circuit and overload. Switches from series DRCBO 3 are independent of the mains voltage and have a high rated switching capacity. Separate displays enable a quick overview of the current operating conditions. DRCBO 3 can be conveniently installed and removed. Type AC switches only detect AC residual currents. As a result, in Germany they are not approved as residual current operated protective devices. Switches with tripping characteristic C are optimised for electric circuits with high inrush or peak currents. Standard switches are designed for electric circuits with a rated voltage of 230 V or 400 V and a rated frequency of 50 Hz.


Auxiliary-voltage-independent tripping, sensitive to AC residual currents (type AC), compact design for all rated currents, high short-circuit resistance, green/red switching position indicator, residual current tripping indicator, Strain-relief clamps with protection against wires being lodged behind them and wide terminal cross-section range for rail and line wiring on both connection sides, Use of conventional wiring rails possible, Neutral conductor right, tri-stable snap-in slider for easy mounting and removal, high electromagnetic compatibility (immunity to interference for industrial applications)


Quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position, supply as desired


Power supplies to residential and purpose-built buildings as well as industrial facilities with TN-S, TT and TN-C-S networks. In IT networks, the RCBOs of this series can be set to switch off in the event of a second fault, Not permitted for use in TN-C networks and for protecting systems in which electronic equipment may cause pulsating or smooth DC residual currents or residual currents with frequencies not equal to 50 Hz. Comprehensive protection is not provided with an RCCB type AC. For these applications we recommend our residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection Type A or our AC-DC sensitive RCBO Type B.

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